Dr. Anne Mavor


Dr Anne Mavor is a passionate Chiropractor and has resided and been a part of the Mt Evelyn & Silvan community her entire life.

Anne graduated from RMIT in 2016 with distinction completing the Bachelor of Health Science and Masters in Chiropractic.

Anne studied full time for 5 years with a family of 3 young children this was driven by a desire to help others recognise their own health potential as Anne had experienced from her own Chiropractic Care that helped to heal her own pain and musculoskeletal problems.

Outside of Chiropractic Anne lived locally with her two brothers working on her parents Strawberry Farm. Enjoying schooling, reading, netball and martial arts, Anne became a 1st Dan Black Belt and instructor in Taekwondo. After graduating Year 12 and completing her Certificate in Cookery, it was then Anne met her husband Michael also a Chef which led to extensive travel and working throughout all of Europe for a number of years, including two years spent at The Dorchester Hotel in London.

Anne has always enjoyed living in the hills with her husband Michael and now adult children, and loves the company of her German Short Hair Pointer dogs, horses and sheep. Anne enjoys AFL and is a keen Collingwood supporter.

Optimal living is paramount for Anne, enjoying great nutrition, pilates, gym, meditation, and the peaceful surrounds within the beauty of the Yarra Valley.

Anne is passionate about educating the wider community about looking after their bodies naturally and achieves this through the application of Gonstead Chiropractic.

Anne believes that everyone needs to have their spines checked, particularly from a young age all the way through to more senior years in order to maintain good health and a body that functions and serves you well. Helping maintain strength, restore physical capacity and impacting greatly on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Anne takes great care, listens to your concerns and will tailor a treatment plan specific to getting you back to great health.